Natural Remedies and beauty tips 5 – natural antyperspitants

I’m not a health geek, or crazed about all the crap they sell to us in food and so on. I do try to be careful of what I eat or put on myself… for my own good. I have been using a variety of antiperspirants and deodorants over the years… most of them chemical. Now, I see the toll they took on my skin. And I ventured onto finding out what natural alternatives I can get. I have tried several brands that claim to be all natural and not to include anything that could damage my health… yet none quite cut it. They were generally quite expensive, in some cases gave me allergy and upon consultation with biochemists friends, I got, turned out to contain some things that are steroid-like or exert over body similar influence like hormones.

That’s when I said enough. If I can’t even trust those that claim to be bio… I will search for DIY solution. What I found is a number of different recipes. All easy to make with components relatively easy to find even in my backwater corner of the world. Most of them contain Coconut oil, and here is one of interesting tricks to remember.

The simplest one is simply to mix 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil with 1/4 cup of baking soda with a bit of starch(this last one I find can be optional although many sources insist on it being a necessity).  There is pretty much nothing here that could give you allergy. Soda neutralizes the bacteria and the oil keeps your skin moisturized at the same time dry. I like it due to its simple content and I came up with it by excluding via trial-and-error from other recipes I found.

Here are the other, more complex solutions:

  1. Three DIY antiperspirant alternatives (
  2. Confession… and a DIY (

  3. A recipe for a homemade deodorant that REALLY works! (

Warning: One has to be careful with essential oils, some of them are simply fake and mixed with other components result in unpleasant surprises ( for instance I got a rash after using a rose one bought at supposedly bio-shop).


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