Natural Remedies and beauty tips 4 – cough drops

Cough drops tend to cost a lot. None doubts their usefulness, yet how would you like to make your own?

I have been digging though some old books on herbal medicine and note of my mother-in-law and found this simple recipe:

Take a pot then drop into it:

1 glass of sugar (can be brown if you prefer)

1/2 glass of water

juice from a whole lemon

1 tbsp. of honey

1/2 tbsp. of grounded clovers

1 tbsp. of powdered ginger

Mix well and cook for 20 minutes regularly mixing; final texture should be more or less like maple syrup. Use as natural materials for this as possible is the way to go.

Pull out a sheet of baking paper. Spread it on a flat surface. With a table spoon distribute the mixture on the sheet in small lumps/drops (it is relatively fluid so ‘lumps’ might be only an approximate word for them – much depends on quality of ingredients used). Take powdered sugar and cover all of them with it. Leave to fully cool.

Tear the drops off the paper, and there you go… home-made fully natural cough and anty-flue drops ready.



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