This material just reminded me of something I strongly believed as a teen and student at college.

I remember that I used to love, and was quite good at it (got published a few times and had some prizes in competitions), to draw human bodies eg. in movement. Not only humans… animals as well… I strongly believed that we are, each and every single one of us, a work of art. The way a muscle moved under skin, the way the light fell on it…I saw it all as either mathematical equation or as art and physics mixed into one beautiful ‘chaos’ of living.

I also recall how absurd and painful it was for me to hear from someone who apart from giving me life also robbed me of illusions and intellectual innocence of trusting the best in everyone.  I recall the words precisely “this sex, obscene drawing of yours, vampires and demons will drag you to hell”…

This… every day life and struggles…turned me, I guess into a bitter clown. I have not drawn humans or animals in years, though I still, in the privacy of my own though, admire well shaped bodies of both females and males… poesy of movement of a ballet dancer, the strength hidden behind the muscles of an athlete… though in this time and age it all seems to be less and less natural.

The material quoted above reminded me of my old belief that still liners in my heart. I’m sorry, I refuse to subscribe anymore to christian morality… I’m really done… do onto others as you would have them do to you… and believe your own heart. Maybe it is a little late for a teen rebellion… but it is better now than never.

True, this post is somewhat chaotic… but my goal is simple… stop caring what others think, stop trying to please them all (you simply can’t)… start TO LIVE stop just existing and DO NOT force your beliefs on others.



2 thoughts on “LIVE!!! BELIEVE!!!

  1. David Kwiecinski

    You are great and a beautiful “child of the universe…. just like the trees and the stars….”. Feel your power and worth, Delfina.

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