The recent blog’s name change

Some may wonder why I have recently changed the name of my blog. Well, there are various reasons. For one, the “my road” was a temporal name that I have used out of lack of better and more fitting ideas. Yet, ideas and matters to write on come to me at any time of a day and place.. they need home.

Now .. how come “truth or consequences”?

Well, for one the trip to New Mexico this year… apart from being very challenging on many levels.. made me realize where my heart lies and how the people and place have influenced me.  On top of that I did not recall that town in southern NM from the old times and was explained that couple of years back a guy came down to a little town, put money on the table and got the original name changed to this. I also hear it could have been based on a show on CBS (earlier NBC radio). Regardless of the origin the name fascinated me.

And here is why  I used it….

One of my goals developed throughout my life is to be honest. Purely honest. This does not necessarily means being insensitive, but it may equal to it when a need arises. Some things, some people and situations call for desperate measures. I don’t have to right, and I admit mistakes, yet when I see something amiss I tend to simply say it. Consequences of not speaking out my mind usually are more grave than of being frank, sometimes event blunt and unpleasant.

Yet, both ways may cost you friends.

Thus, I would rather speak truth than face the consequences of “forever holding my peace”. At the end of the day I will at least be able to look myself straight in the face I see in my mirror.


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