My big dream = Rx-8

As I have mentioned in some previous posts I am a bit of grease monkey.. I like the sound of good engine under hood, I like the smell of oil (provided it is not overheated) and gasoline, I like cars that are non-standard.

My first is (still have it) 126p Fiat… I do love it still and it is going through some renovation works and needs some mechanical fixing which I plan on doing early in 2016.

Now my second car, the one I do use, is a Mazda Rx-8. It is sliver.. which at first I saw as a disadvantage cropped-smoczo3-e28094-kopia.jpg

but learned to appreciate later. It is not new.. they don’t make them anymore… it is 10 years old but it did steal my heart.

I saw one some 10 years ago in Warsaw, red it was,  and I instantly became fascinated by it. Over the years I have read much on the rotary and hemi engines, both are unique.  Miata (Mazda mx-5) is more eye catching, but I feel it is too ‘light’ for me in so many ways.

To cut the story short.. 10 years later I decided to make my dream come true. It has been 4 months now.  It surpassed my wildest dreams.

I am now on the road to customizing it. I was planning to do some body paint, several concepts rolled through my mind.. but for now I am working on some visual modifications of a smaller scale… subtle and simple. For my winter wheels I got those IMG_1657

and they look on like this: IMG_1660

Still waiting for a side decal.

On the inside I decided to break the grey alcantara with some blue (at first it was going to be blue additions on the outside as well). I did some stitching on the back seats (the front are still to be worked on).

Those photos do not reflect the reality. Our Rx-club mechanic believed from the photos that I have stitched wool…when he saw with his own eyes he stated that although it is not his style he finds it an interesting and rather good addition.

I will continue on my road to larger and smaller mods for this beast.



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