A year has gone by

Last year I wrote a post on some resolutions I took ….It is time to take a step back and review.

“Screw what others say”… pretty much that is working out for the best. I grew more resistant to some stupid remarks and they do not bother me that much. It does not mean I do not review them and consider their value.. on the contrary I do… but I do no give a heck about hate language anymore. I do not take it personally anymore.  So, on that one I do have to give myself a point.

This year was not much easier than the previous one.. yet my group ‘to die for’ has evolved… or should I say deteriorated. One person failed friendship test, and yet has not found any quilt in themselves.. while I was capable of admitting to my faults on one end, I refuse to take whole of the blame onto me. Too bad, for years I did my best to support them.. ohh, well.  A family member failed me as well. Guess my expectations were to high set… well, I am no set on having expectations only towards myself.. and the rest.. take it as it comes.

I have to admit to at least partial failure on the end of ‘not taking decisions on behalf of others”…try as I might being mother makes me fail here, my son is still not at the age when he can do stuff legally on his own.. so.. sigh… And I do admit to having made some out of lack of patience with others. Here is a – for me.

I still refuse to subdue…that’s a plus.. although I do feel burned out.

I am still set on my goals, though I have not moved much forward… except maybe for standing the test at the collage and for making one of my dreams come true – Rx-8.

Though I’m rather down in the dumps on this b-day of mine.. the calculations comes out more in +. I need to stick to the plan and control some aspects of my life better. I’m working on that, and I hope to pull it through, though a transportable nuclear battery would be of great help if I am to keep on the path.