Hater culture

There is much hate language on the Net and in real life. An outburst of it is seen in the media and between people across E.U. on the topic of ‘refugees” (topic on which I do agree though am not about to throw garbage over at others). Kind of… I do not see why we should be taking them in when the rest of the world refuses to.. not to mention the fact that most of them are not even from where they claim to be. But, let’s leave that alone.

I wanted to chip in a few words on other types of hate language that are spread between today population. A hater will always find someone or something to hate. As the old saying has it “one that wishes to hit a dog, will always find the right stick for that”.

What I do not seem to understand at all is.. why God fearing Catholics (or so they claim) , every-day church-goers and devout Christians in general  are so sickly evil to each-other. It makes my stomach revolt, when I hear a devote christian saying to his own (almost 40 years old) daughter upon noticing a tattoo on her “tattoo your brain” (and that is one of the lighter sentences).. that’s just an example from my own life…for love of the higher power…who are they to judge, and to use that kind of language. Who are we to judge others, in general? We have no clue what they went through, we may know their name… but not WHO they are or WHAT they are about.

This also applies to workplaces.

Why do we keep on judging each-other?!?

Another situation. I made my rx-8 dream come true…some people around me instantly decided I have a mid-life crisis and bashed me over it. Mid-life-crisis my butt…. I wanted one of those since 2004, since I was 25…ergo I am in mid-life-crisis since my 20’s ? great! Perhaps for them that car means I am going through a crisis because they secretly crave and have no guts to get one. Maybe for them that’s what it is…a mid-life crisis to make their life fuller. For me, it is just a dream come true.

My only reason for getting it, for going back to university to study law, for getting a crazy haircut or for my not so subtle tattoos … is cause I can and, finally,  am able to afford. I think with all I have been through in my life, I do diverse to treat myself to some things that I feel are good for me. And my brain seems just too narrow to even grasp why the hell all the hate and garbage I hear for all around about those decisions of mine. Why can’t they just be happy with their own lives and keep on judging  others? True, the post is based on me…ME ME ME… yet, I see that all around.. is acceptance really that hard?  Or maybe we are all just haters by nature? Or is it a fashion statement to constantly hate someone or something and to judge others? (I do not hate anyone, or anything.. not really.. does that make me a freak?)


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