It’s been a really long while since I published anything. I think I do need to pick up on that habit. I do like writing, sharing what I know and experience.

So, here is a brief what has happened to me. This year is basically one big nut house and I am the main protagonist tied up in the center, it seems… with some influence… but I feel also a lot of stuff have been taken out of my hands.

I did finish my 1st year of law at Kozminski University in Warsaw, and am back for the 2nd year now. Decided to write some trial papers, for I lack European academic writing experience and would not wish to write my master’s without any preparation ahead of time. One of my professors was gracious enough to agree to guide me along the way. It seems I’m headed for one of those big and interdisciplinary works.. not that I mind.. it will just take a longer time to prepare.

I did not end up in Canada, as I wanted … instead had a failed attempt at moving to Moscow. I do want to go back, but am interwoven in too much here and now. I’m not sure how that will work out. In all honesty, I am much disappointed by some people I trusted.. yet some have proven to be more friends/family than I would have though. Not going to point any fingers, but I know now who I can relay on.

My husband got a good kick out of that trip and changed his ways in some areas… yet in others I hear declarations but see no actions. Not sure how that will go. For the worst that can happen to you is to love someone and be at the point when you can’t watch anymore what they are doing to themselves. And I have been at that point this year. It was killing me inside .. I’m not sure he cared…never-mind that.  Time will tell.

My cars.. yes, there are two of them now.. not just one. 126p is with my friend. It had front joint and bearing replaced recently and needs a bottom body paint/protection job done (kind of short on funds at the moment) but that’s because at the same time my Rx-8 went to the shop to get some routine things done .. that did not turn out so routine.. won’t be even showing those.. no point.. just the initial appraisal went up by 100% on one end making the others rather short. Yet, I prefer to get that attended to right now than have to look for way more serious and pricey solutions next year. It is best to prevent than to try rescue whatever is to be rescued later on. I apply the very same rule to human, cat and car health. Comes out more economic in the end.  And once you do get rx-8…let’s be honest…is economy/ecology something one can eat?

One great thing I did do this year.. is I finally went to the US and told those people whom I love, what I felt needed to be told. I think, regardless of the effort and money spend, I would not have forgiven myself had I not gone ( I will post some photos from the road trip NM->CO and my visit later on).


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