Car cruzy

I love my Polish Fiat 126p. Not abandoning it by any means. Although, once my hubby passes his driver’s licence I think it will be his.

However, I got myself my long time dream – Mazda Rx-8. It is not new, but it is younger by 14 years than my 126p 😉

Past Friday, when I got it, I wasn’t quite ready for it. The first I drove it seemed like an alien space ship reaching the absurd speed in under 1 sec (“space balls”). On Sunday I took it quite early to a huge shopping moll parking lot… and ohh, boy did I discover joy…. I doubt I will ever change to a different car now. I still need some time to get used to the specifics of running Wankle engine, starting at 2k rpm and things like that, but this car is like music to my heart. I am deep into reading manuals and stuff for it now, but there are few things that I have ever been as enthusiastic about as it.  I was and still feel the same way about my 126p… yet those are two different beasts… one is for relaxed fun drive; other can’t stand still 😉