It has been a while since I wrote…much has transcurred. I won’t dwell on it now.

What I do wish to share is my first impressions from going to Russia. True, it is not the province, but Moscow and the agglomeration. I do have to state firmly that there are huge discrepancies between neighboring areas … You can have fenced mid/high class neighbourhoods right next to block of flats that look as it they were to fall apart. You can get the very same gigantic gap right infront of those poor blocks… Exclusive cars woth hundreds of thousands of dollars..

What did shock me fully was a side and product choice at their hypermarkets. Someone said ’embargo’? Well, the hell if there is an embargo the only way to see it is in the costs of the western products against local, yet the range of products is way wider than anything I have seen in Europe or the U.S. 

And I have yet to see the largest of the hypermarkets… I was at a smaller one located on outskirts of the agglomeration. 

I am not going to prise either side… Just with what I have seen so far… And I have not seen the city center yet… Embargo does make life a tad harder as the western products or meats are quite pricy to average Russian family, I do have to state that there are plenty of close local substitutes and a lot of the inter-human warmth that is gone for the West is here in full bloom.

I might post on this more later but..we’ll see.