Doubt = the end

It is weird how and by what means ones learns in life. Over the years I have met many at life crossroads. All of them knew what they were to do, yet almost every single one of them hesitated based on ideals like ‘hurting someone, they did care for in the past, or way of caring for that someone has changed over time’;  ‘what will those around me think’ , and one of the greatest ‘ what will I do afterwords’… all those are just excuses one finds not to do what the heart knows to be right. I have myself made many mistakes, and watched others make them too.. 95% of all based on those above stated grounds… all lead to even more damage than doing what you actually ought to.
Taking those reasons apart one-by-one:
1. ‘hurting someone, they did care for in the past, or way of caring for that someone has changed over time’ – in love, or any type of honest and true relationship there is no room for doubt, thus if one appears … it is over.. the sooner the relationship is severed the better and less damage to both involved
2. ‘what will those around me think’ – that one is great, christian morals greatly endorse it, it is a beautiful trap in which many has spent years and years in despair. For one, what do you care what others think. If they are your friends, real friends then they love you and will only want the best for you; ergo a friend who believes (knowing enough details) that a toxic relationship is good for you… the hell with such a friend. Family… well, here again if they know details, they will most likely support you… the rest? neighbors, colleagues – why do you care? your life is yours or theirs?
3. ‘ what will I do afterwords’ – this is fear of new speaking and trying to stop you, yet only through new you can learn and develop. Since doubt appeared.. means you were not entirely happy with the life you had, you felt something needed a change… ask yourself then other question “can I continue living like this? does this private whole of mine makes me happy enough to keep on going?” if the answer is ‘no’, or ‘not sure’ (which essentially is NO- our brain works on impulses there is one or there is none… there is NO maybe!) then what will come afterwords is nothing you should worry about… you will manage.

Nothing would be stirred, if there was nothing to be stirred
no doubt would awake, had there been no doubt hidden
and once there is doubt there is no way to go back
cause thy soul knows the answer
now is not the time to ponder, but to act..
fear? guilt? none should stop thee now
forge thy fear into courage
guilt into strength
for only thy heart knows what’s right
thy mind and morals can only bring ruin
should thee choose to silence (soul and heart) by these.

cause when life gives you a wake up call, and a doubt awakes.. means there is no point in doubting, it is time for a decision and the appearance of doubt has made the decision for you already. Hesitation, over-thinking will only make things worse.