Journal of inexperinced driver of classic 100% mechanic car (3)

I think I’m getting better at this.

It’s still not the 1st go, and I still need help with the double garage doors (though I suspect it might be something the pilot itself, I will need to get it checked this week).. but I’m getting there. Of course I do drive, for now, overly cautiously… but I really do not quite follow why go more than the speed limit?  you will only have to stop at each lights (tried that, tested, 45-50 is just perfect). If you maintain the speed, you can drive almost though the whole city without stopping even once due to the lights.

This Sunday I drove the longest on one go. Around 30 km. Including city center and speedway. And I did not get honked at ;-P.  I’m also doing deep in review of driver’s codex and taking massive amount of tests. Quite a few things changed since we joined the EU…. I’m not EU certified yet it seems. Better study than to be sorry later. But you would just not believe how many are ignoring the rules altogether. Some, looking at what they are doing on the streets, ought to drive in Britain 😉

I got my aluminum rims past Friday in mail 😉 Was a bit reluctant to buy them, cause with used you never know.. yet those were then only rims ever produced here for 126p (heard there were some in Italy but not in the Eastern Block). They are 2 years olde than my car, but who cares, the National Conservator of Monuments Office should not have any problems with including them as alternative for my car next year when I’m getting it registered as a historic vehicle. This month I’m a bit short on funds, but next month I will have to transfer the tires over to the new rims, and keep the steel ones for winter. That will cost a bit, but then I will simply have a full set of replacements and will be able to work in peace on restoration of the steel ones (they do need to get sanded and re-painted).


10392454_10204150080980722_3904847378674519376_n (Cats’ approval is essential ;-D)

The only problem I have is the color. None seems to be able to find out for me what it is/was called and how it “should” look like. 24 years can do a lot of damage to car’s color, even when it is most of time kept in a garage. One thing is for certain, it is red. One could say that almost bloody red, and its no.63.  No catalogs from the 90’s or before mentions that color (neither Polish not Italian Fiat).

A friend, who used to work at FSO in Warsaw (closely linked to FSM, also making Polish Fiats, just the big ones, and some other cars), told me that I should be not surprised at all. There were series that would come from the production line with NO number at all, and there were short series of couple of dozens that had colors sent from Italy for testing… but instead of testing they would end up in production. I think Carter, a friend of mine, was closer to truth than most while commenting on this finding of mines at FB – “congratulations on continuing to live on the outside of reality” ….  Well, for the Monuments Conservator’s Office that ought to be additional incentive to get the car registered  😉


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