Journal of inexperinced driver of classic 100% mechanic car (2)

Hail to the Lord! I just drove out of my hole. No burning of clutch, no other problems.

I know that to those with modern cars it is not a problem, same as to those with experience with old ones, but to someone who has not driven a classic in 18 years it is definitely an accomplishment.

It seems my gear box, well it is 24 years old, is a bit worked out, especially on the 1st ‘tooth’ in the 1st gear. So, before I managed to add enough gas, the gear would pop out and leave me on loose… aka no climbing out. But now that I know what that pop feel I was getting before is, I will be sure to get proper hang of it.

To celebrate my victory over my own limitations I am now drinking Somersby  and will have some apple-pie ice-cream after dinner.

Tomorrow will be doing that again.


Ohh, btw I found out that back in the 80’s there was number of aluminum wheels sold here via Pewex as special addition to 126p. They are not of Fiat or FSM production, but they were official enough to be offered as optional for those cars. If all goes well, I will be getting a set for my red-devil B.M.W. (in Polish this amounts to abbreviation for  very small vehicle).  Here is photo they are ugly as hell but I like them


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