Beaurocratic nightmare – starting studies in EU after having done HS and 2degrees at American Uni.

Recently, I decided to go back to university and study something that has been on my mind for years- law. I have to say that I did not expect it to be such a huge bureaucratic nightmare as it turned out to be.

I was aware I will most likely need my High School Diploma. That I did have. I also had my transcript. I had my University of Maryland diploma and transcript from there as well…. and guess what

I went to research the possibilities of getting accepted as University of Warsaw to start with. After 3 weeks of struggle I gave up. The personnel was neither helpful not pleasant.  Cost of weekend studies was not much lower than some other options I had. And they did not even want to take a look at my case, which is not standard this-year-HS-graduate situation.

I also did some research on the classes and study conditions at this place and I was shocked to discover that lectures are way overcrowded (up to 3fold of what a room was designed to hold) and access to professors is close to none. Tuition would cost me slightly less  than what I chose in the end.  Level of teaching also has declined. At this point Law faculty of Warsaw University is 5th in the country.  Combining this with the attitude I was getting from the dean’s office and unwillingness on their part to cooperate even on minimal level… made me choose a different school.

I was considering several places, to finally decide for This is, according to the ratings and opinion I got from professor of University of Warsaw, the best school. Teaching/learning conditions are way better. No over crowded classes, easy contact with professors, helpful admission officers and tuition not higher than my original choice.

I have the golden rule of not saving on education and health, especially with difference is such tiny in this respect.

Comfort of study, access to teachers/lecturers and vast library via which I can simply borrow the textbooks that I do not desire to own have made the scale tip in their favor.

Plus I have been offered aid and clearly instructed on what I need to get all the paper work done. Of course they can’t do in my stead Apostille from the Secretary of State of NM, and it is required by EU educational rules (though the documents state point-blank that it was a Public School), but I have been provided all and detailed instructions on how to get it, plus a grace period for delivering the missing paper work. Something that University of Warsaw did not even want to hear of.

This kind of twists the whole matter back to my work -IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT/CARE.

ps. in another post I will describe what a student doing what I wanted to do has to go through paper-wise


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