My journey with my first car (part one)- Journal of inexperinced driver of classic 100% mechanic car

I have recently bought my 1st car. It has been 18 years since I got my driver’s license and it is more than shameful that I have not had a car of my own until now.

I decided to go for old-time classic Polish Fiat 126p. It’s tiny city car now considered a hatchback. I have much sentiment for those cars, as that’s precisely the car I have learned driving on. Plus, I do know a thing or two about its mechanics and if need be I can fix it almost on my own. The car is 24 years old and it still runs with suction. Ohh, hell that is a trip, I admit.

I love driving, but that start-up on cold engine is my personal nightmare.

Finally, after much initial struggle and incapability to start that lasted about 2 weeks (true I was not there on daily basis, but every 3-4 day), I did get it to work as should. I think I have now pretty good. I start the engine on 1st or 2nd go and I’m able to keep it on quite well.


Now on to the challenge no.2. driving out of the sloped  garage (15 degrees nose up). Although I know how to make it run on flat… the slope is the problem (or more it is me, I over-think it). The engine is only 24 horse-power and carburetor based.  I need to get the grip of the right combination between releasing clutch and adding gas. For now stuck on adding too much gas = flood the engine; or letting clutch too soon = choking the engine.

I know it may seem weird to some, but I feel better letting the steam off in writing. It gets me more relaxed and more concentrated. Foremost, I stop over-doing the thinking.


2 thoughts on “My journey with my first car (part one)- Journal of inexperinced driver of classic 100% mechanic car

    1. Hey you know I might be sometimes overly emotional about failure but I won’t give up 🙂

      Ye we’re fine. I’m hitting back university in fall. That one is an experiment so I won’t panic if I won’t be able to keep it up. Giving my best shot- law.

      How about you? Doing fine?

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