Use your brain

Life is full of examples of people, whom I observe, and can’t help but wonder where did they leave their brains today.

Maybe I’m biased or judgmental, but why ask for instance “what are labels used for?” … labels are used for precisely that.. labeling. It seems like everyone is using them to mark the files into which documents go, to mark food containers in the fridge, to mark clothing of their kids and so on. Why would you think labels in project management application or email system would be any different?

This is just one example of a question that simply throws me off.

I call those questions by a group name “what is the use of underwear”

Ok, I grant that, asking one such question just to make sure is fine. But I really do not get it, why some people just keep asking tons of questions like that one-after-another instead of going online and checking information provided in form of Help Page, FAQ and so on. Can some please enlighten me? My brain seems to small and inferior to grasp this kind of indolence or  mental laziness.


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