Beaurocratic nightmare 2

Here is what a person who is applying for university in Poland has to go through.

Situation:  Polish Citizen. Graduate of HS in the US and having double B.A. also from American university.

First of all No Polish University is able to accept you just based on your degree from foreign university. Even if you have obtain official recognition of your title over here. YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. But that is not the end of it.

To go with your High School Diploma you must have the following:

A. your transcript

B. Apostille from the Secretary of State  of the state where you have completed your HS.

C. Document stating that the diploma has been recognized within E.U. issued by  Polish Ministry of Education (name changes depending on years in question).

The B is the huge nightmare, especially for Europeans. Going to the US Embassy here won’t help you, they will just ‘pack you up and ship you off’ directly to office of your local Secretary of State. Here is what you will need to get it done.

1. Notarized transcript from your School District back in states ( I had to get that specially ordered, because normally you get sealed envelope with not notary-certified copy)

2. cover letter which you will find at the site of Secretary of given State

3. 3$ check….. oh, this is a nasty one, you need to go to a normal, physical bank (best PKO BP or something of this sort)  and file with them a plea for issue of such check.. the fee for it is way higher than the real value of the check

4. you have to create an account with FedEx or some other  Int’l Shipping companies as you will also need to provide the Office of Secretary of State with pre-paid premium shipping envelope (list przewozowy) so they can send the document back to once it,s issued. Atm. it is about 350 PLN to get that.

Once you have all that ready you can send it to the Office of Secretary of State…. by normal ground mail signed-in-for. Which is about the cheapest solution and still secure as it has a registration number which can be tracked.  Supposedly, the document takes up to two weeks to be made and shipped back to you.

SideNote to pt. 3. It turned out to be a massive nightmare. Only BANK PEKAO did it for me almost without problems… almost  – for even their own clerks did not know there were two separate forms to get it done… one for bank’s own clients and the other for external use.



9 thoughts on “Beaurocratic nightmare 2

  1. The question is: Why bother?

    Why do you apply for university in Poland if you have double B.A. from American university?

    What do you expect to achieve?

      1. I still don’t get it. Why do you need masters degree?

        Nothing personal – just asking. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and one of my coworkers haven’t got any degree but nevertheless are/were making a huge “dent in the universe”.

        Studying takes a lot of time and energy…

      2. Don’t get me wrong, please. I’m not against knowledge, self-development and various paths to happiness. I’m against meaningless titles.

      3. I understand you, I do not see point in papers overall . Yet, I want to study it because I really want to know it. This has something that had been with me for years, and I feel I simply must to it for myself. Title is only a value added. The post, on the other hand is not so much as to whine on the matter but show others who might be in similar situation a way that is best for handling it.

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