Natural remedies and beauty tips 4

Natural remedies and beauty tips 4

Here again… this photo I have found somewhere on the web years ago thus it is hard for me to say where it was found (I simply saved it for personal use before I even though of this blog). Thus all the right are due to whoever complied this and I’m really thankful to them for doing so. As per my previous posts… I believe things like this are meant to be shared.


Natural remedies and beauty tips 3

How to keep your KIDNEYS (and also Liver) clean???

This recipe is something I have learned over the years. The 2nd option was passed down to me by my grandmother, later confirmed by one of Polish herbal medicine authorities (Prof. Górnicka). 1st option I have heard from one of my american friends.

As they years pass by and our kidneys filter the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted materials that enter our system. With time, the salt accumulates and needs to be removed in order to avoid damage to the organ. How to do it?


It is very easy, first take a bunch of parsley and wash them clean. This is how the treatment starts, but there are two variations of it depending if the fresh parsley is available and we want to use it right away, or if you wish to keep some for winter months.

Option 1:
Then chop parsley up and put it in a pot. Pour clean water and bring it to boiling, keep it boiling ten minutes and then let it cool down. If you are using a spring water (best from your own spring) you do not need to do much more with the water. In other cases filtering is a must.

Drink one glass daily and you see all the salt and other accumulated ‘junk’ coming out during urination. This is also bound to positively influence your overall health, well-being and improve your hair quality (if you had problems).

Option 2:
This differs from the no.1 only by a little twist  If you mean to keep the leaves for winter, when no fresh from natural source are to be found, do not chop parsley. Simply hung it to dry in some droughty and warm place. Once they dry crumble the leaves to some container.

Stored without access of moist, mold or other ‘contaminating agents’ can be used over whole autumn, winter and early spring period(when no fresh-filed grown can be found) and safely used with the recipe from above. Or treated as an herbal tea (so simply pour over boiling water and wait for few minutes).