Orle Gniazdo – Hucisko (Ideal place for rest)

The Orle Gniazdo (The Eagle’s Nest) is a business and leisure center located near Hucisko (not far from Cracow). If you really want to rest or have a peaceful business conference this is a great place for it.

It is located in the heart of the Cracow-Częstochowa Jura Region. Although it is a very popular destination for tourists, the Center is usually quiet and very relaxing. It offers numerous attractions (feel free to take a peek at this link here – http://www.orlegniazdo.pl).



Why do I love it? Because it has never failed me in getting my mind off things. Why spend thousands going to Sri Lanka to escape from the madness of everyday life if you can go somewhere not so far away that allows you almost the same isolation. The internet access, to be frank, is quite limited here. With phones, it depends on the weather, but for the most part there are no problems. But if you are coming here to rest.. why use the phone at all? I have mine off most of the time 😉


The woods surrounding Orle Gniazdo offer beautiful views, great walking routes, peace and quiet. If you come here off-season… you will likely find yourself one of a few quests. It’s hard for me to quite put my finger on what makes this place so unique and why even 4-5 days spent here give me so much relief from all the worries and hurry of the my normal life.



To cut to the chase … just come over here and find out for yourself!


ps. all photos were taken by me with my iPhone. Thus the quality and shots might not be best, but the feel is what I think counts more.

pps. there are also some nice places to visit nearby and also climbing and biking trails e.g. Image


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