Light traveling for women

We women have the outrageous tendency to over-pack when traveling. My mother-in-law had one saying that goes well with this tendency – ‘ there will always be a soap dish.’ Let me explain that. When her older son, at the time 6 years old, was going to have an eye surgery she had mentally prepared him for everything in advance. The key was to avoid him cry after the treatment. But when she came to see him at the hospital a few hours later he was crying… Why? Because someone stole his soap dish and he was afraid his mom would be mad. That’s why there will always be a soap dish. No matter how well you prepare there is bound to be something forgotten, lost or unforeseen along the way.




What do you really need to be presentable during travel, be it for business or pleasure? Not much, in truth. You do need your undies and bras, you do need a T-shirt to sleep in and 1-2 blouses and a pair of shorts, a skirt and a couple of pairs of shoes (one elegant for meetings or party, one comfy). That’s it. Really!!! Anything else can be either bought cheap at your destination or washed. Plus, if you do not carry with you half of your wardrobe you can have some nice memories brought back with those new things you buy, or you can simply leave those things behind. It’s up to you!


In winter.. all you need to add to this set is a jacket/sweater and a coat that you will carry not in your suitcase but on your back while on the plane/train/bus/car. So fight this urge to pack your whole house …. you are not a snail carrying everything on your back!


Ok. What of our cosmetics, you may ask…. Some of us can’t live without them and most load a huge bag full of the stuff they use… Why, I ask?

In most places around the world you can get either mini versions of your favorites (e.g., nailpolish remover wipes, cosmetic wipes for removing makeup) or close replacements. And there is another little trick. Take a look at these pictures… they will give you an idea of how to slim down your traveling makeup set and still be presentable – be it for business or pleasure.