ArtDeco Collection – Dita von Teese Classics

Recently ArtDeco released the long awaited Dita von Teese collection. For those not aware, Dita is queen of burlesque. Please do not confuse burlesque with stripping as the only part they have in common is undressing… Burlesque, at least to me, is art….whereas stripping is not so much.

In one of the interviews Dita says the collection has been made to get all the things she would want in makeup into one comprehensive set. I believe this is very much true. If you are looking for the fabulous 40’s/50’s or pinup look… this is definitely something for you.

So far, I have the gel eyeliner, lipliner (06) and lipstick (620) out of this collection. And I’m looking forward buying more. In fact I pray ArtDeco adds it to their permanent selection as I would hate to discover that I can’t find replacements after running out. They are simply too good.

The 620 lipstick is a true carmine red…. I have found no other, not even from those costing close to 100$ a piece, that would really be carmine on me. They others oscillated between raspberry, carrot and red beet shades – very disappointing to me. But 620 IS JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.

The gel eyeliner is a very interesting solution. It does take practice to get the hang of using the brush to put the gel on, but once you do the effects are simply great.

Having said this, I have to reflect on the whole collection which I have seen in one of the Douglas stores (partial versions available in Sephora). It contains very beautiful pressed powder that gives skin a slight porcelain look, a set of eyeshadows that can’t be replaced ;- ), and nail polishes.

So girls, go and grab yours! It’s really worth it.

ps. there is an autumn addition to the collection coming out in September/October depending on your location


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