Magix Fix from ArtDeco.

As much as I admit that ArtDeco has achieved the ideal red lipstick with a most exquisite velvety feel…I’m speaking here of Dita von Teese no. 620 lipstick released by them recently.. I should also point out that they have made a Magic Fix for lipsticks.


I have tried it.

It does make the lipstick stay on longer. It does keep it from running and it does make it leave less stains on glass, etc. I say less, because it is not 100% fail-safe and some stains do appear… they are about 90% less evident, but they are still there.

It is a dream come true in terms of life of lipstick on your lips, but…. if you plan to go on a date forget it… unless your partner likes sticky lips. Yes, sticky lips. The fix makes your lips feel really sticky and that is quite uncomfortable when it comes to kissing. Most guys don’t like that, plus it ruins the great flavor and smell the un-fixed lipstick has on your lips.

So the choice is really yours. I would recommend it for a long day at the office, but not for a cozy evening with your man 😉


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