Philosophers should live according to their own rules!!!

We have a saying in Poland: ‘Don’t expect a philosopher to live according to his own rules.’ Well, I think that is just BS.


In my life I have met many people with great ideas. Some of them even were published authors of different DIY books. DIY in the sense of advising others on how to live a more active, productive or whatever-else life. The sad part is that quite a few of them did not really use their own knowladge and ideas in their own lives… they were wannabies. Claimed that they did apply their ideas, but that was not really true… I believe them to simply be hypocrites, wouldn’t you agree?


Tell me, what is the point of giving advice which you have not tried it out yourself? How can you just state that one should do this or that without even giving it a shot of your own???


I believe in practicing what you preach!!! Or as others say tasting your own poison!!!

(that’s why this post is short….trying to take my own advice ;-D)


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