ArtDeco All in One Mascara – My holy grail

I’m highly allergic to 99% of black or grey mascaras on market. I had friends bring me from U.K. special Lauder’s product that was supposed to be super anty-allergic. I have tried wide range of mascaras from those for 1 $ to 100$… all had the same effect… 2 weeks of recovery after one use. Swollen, red lids with puss glueing them together in the morning.

No surprising then that I had refrained from use of black/grey or brown mascaras for year and I was very reluctant to spend aprox.15$ on ArtDeco’s one just to try it out.

But I got very pleasantly surprised. I have been quite active on polish FB page of ArtDeco and they have as reward offered to send me some testers. When the package arrived it contained 5 testers of foundations produced by them (still testing those) and a full size ALL in One black mascara.


First thing you do notice about this product is the pleasant smell. Some mascaras have sharp, aggressive smell.. this one is quite contrary soothing to me. Second thing I have noticed is how well the brush separates the lashes… it’s amazing.

And the most shocking of all… after 2 consecutive days with it on my lashes I have no signs of my allergy. My lids did not itch or get swollen. They did not turn red as a lobster and I have not puss coming out of them… that’s why it is my ‘holy grail’ of mascaras.

I’m totally sold to ArtDeco because of just that one product… as if the revolution they’ve caused in my beauty box before was not ehough.

I highly recommend their products and I can’t wait to see and try Dita von Teese collection that is to be out in June/July this year 😉


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