ArtDeco All in One Mascara – My holy grail

I’m highly allergic to 99% of black or grey mascaras on market. I had friends bring me from U.K. special Lauder’s product that was supposed to be super anty-allergic. I have tried wide range of mascaras from those for 1 $ to 100$… all had the same effect… 2 weeks of recovery after one use. Swollen, red lids with puss glueing them together in the morning.

No surprising then that I had refrained from use of black/grey or brown mascaras for year and I was very reluctant to spend aprox.15$ on ArtDeco’s one just to try it out.

But I got very pleasantly surprised. I have been quite active on polish FB page of ArtDeco and they have as reward offered to send me some testers. When the package arrived it contained 5 testers of foundations produced by them (still testing those) and a full size ALL in One black mascara.


First thing you do notice about this product is the pleasant smell. Some mascaras have sharp, aggressive smell.. this one is quite contrary soothing to me. Second thing I have noticed is how well the brush separates the lashes… it’s amazing.

And the most shocking of all… after 2 consecutive days with it on my lashes I have no signs of my allergy. My lids did not itch or get swollen. They did not turn red as a lobster and I have not puss coming out of them… that’s why it is my ‘holy grail’ of mascaras.

I’m totally sold to ArtDeco because of just that one product… as if the revolution they’ve caused in my beauty box before was not ehough.

I highly recommend their products and I can’t wait to see and try Dita von Teese collection that is to be out in June/July this year 😉


GTD Tips: 1. short names of actions

We live a hectic life where concrete, precise and short information is worth its weight in gold. Unfortuantely, it is not an easy fit. Starting with our overlong emails ( a very good article on this is to be found in Productive! Magazine no.8 by Leo Babauta “Your emails are too long”) through everyday writting to as simple things as name of actions.

Our schools teach us to write long, use description and baisically to pour as much ‘word-water’ as possible. But the times are changing. Now, increasinly wrtiting long proves to be obsolete and simply redundant. It descourages us from doing anything…. if you have to read long instructions before that. Tell me honestly how often have you sit down to read a manual for your DVD recorder if you saw it in form of a 300 page book? I bet you just jumped at using it and though… ‘ I will figure it out along the way’…. and most often you did just fine without it.


Now please explain to me why your task name looks like this:

” Tom please go to the coat rack, pick the dog leash, leash the dog, open the door and take the dog out, please make sure it has enough time for running and doing its things becuase it needs at least 30 minutes of running, plus for his toilet”


By writting long task name you achaive some very negative effects. One of them is that if the person (be it you or someone else) sees the name, they instantly feel repulsed by it. By the way the get half trhough the name they start to feel like idiots that need to be explained everything and you create a mess in their task list, finally people stop respecting you… because they way you phrase your tasks passed to them shows how big esteem you got for them. Would you respect someone who does not seem to value your time or writes to you like you were an idiot?

The key is to provide short and precise information. Don’t you think task like “walk the dog” delegated to Tom says is all??? I believe if you pass it to him, he already knows where the dog leash is, he is aware that dog needs to pee and stuff like that. Else, why would you delegate the task to him in the 1st place?

If there is information you do need to provide Tom with…. why not write it in a note? Why stuff the task name with it? Is a taks name roast chicken that needs as much stuffing as possible? When Tom takes a look at his chores and sees “walk the dog” I bet he will feel better about it then if he sees ” Tom please go to the coat rack, pick the dog leash, leash the dog, open the door and take the dog out, please make sure it has enough time for running and doing its things”. And if you will leave him a note accompaniyng the task saying e.g. “I’ve moved the leash, it’s at the coat rack. Dog needs at least 30 mins run.” I think Tom will preciate it much more then this absurdly long task name you have orignally created.


I know for a fact that I feel much better when I see 1st thing in the morning my NA list and it contains maybe 30-50 tasks with names like “walk the dog”; “view/comment on forum”; “support”; “refunds”; “write Mr. X about a post” and so on… then when I see a list of equally many task but with names length of a parafraph. If I had lists like that I would not even get 1/2 done…just reading the names would take much time… and what about time do perform those things?

Most of those names of task are routine and I don’t even need notes for them, some have notes added by my colleagues informing me who e.g. needs a refund, what is Mr.X email address and all other needed info. But I really do not need to see it as soon as I see the task…. I need it once I get down to doing it.


I would compare creating actions/tasks to writing a book. If you give it a name/title that is too long.. what are you trying to do? Put into it the content of the book? Then why give it a titel? And who is going to read it?

As I see it, most successful are these book (or tasks) that have short intreaguing names. Names that are pure essence of what needs to be done… and not the guts.. guts can be described with as much grousome details as you like in the notes. If you dump the details on someone up front, you will make them simply feel overwhelmed or not even want to take a look at what you ask them to do.

Do think about this next time you will feel tempted to write a novel instead of task name.



iPhone backgrounds

I have been playing around with almost all available free applications found at iTunes store. I won’t name them here, cause it was just so many, but I do thank all of them  for ideas they have brought. Here are some of the icon backgrounds I have made. Maybe someone will enjoy them also.  Of course all rights are due to the authors of the screens in the 1st place, but remakes are my own (I hope the do not coincide with something someone else has done somewhere in the world.. if not ‘no plagiarism was intended) .


ArtDeco – my private beauty care revolution

Being raised in Poland of 1980’s I knew not much of make up. “high life” type of cosmetics that I knew as a girl were Max Factor. Women generally did not use much make up limiting themselves to some lipstick, blush and powder. That’s at least how most of adult women around me did their make up back when I was little.

In mid 90’s I have ended up in the US, where I have discovered a whole new world…. brands like Cover Girl, Clinique and many more. Those transformed my view on make-up and beauty. I would rather not jump into over-makeuping so popular back then among teen Americans, but also the minimising approach of women I was raised with did not suit my taste. For years I have used mix of Bonjouris, Clinique, Avon, and some other more or less known brands. But nothing has influenced my make-up life as ArtDeco.

Several years back I have heard about their innovative mosaic system. It seemed like a good solution to huge bags of e.g. eyeshadows that I used to keep around and not use much. Not use much… why? Simply because of the e.g. shadow-trio only one color would go well with my skin and style. This in turn would translate to spending money on something wasted later on.

I have not jumped right at the ArtDeco idea, for variety of reasons. From the very down-to-ground matter of being sole supporter of a family of 3 and not earning too much, to the simple issue of the brand not being easily available in Poland for years.

Finally, last year this has changed. One day after buying food for my newts in at a local pet store in one of the shopping centers I have strolled down to SEPHORA to replace my already finish blue mascara (sadly, I’m allergic to 99.9% black mascaras- vampire eyes running red effect) and I saw a special offer for ArtDeco products. Having tight budget I have grabbed just the magnetic case, thinking “oh, why the hell not?”.

And that was a decision that has transformed my drawer. It has also encouraged me to really start taking care of myself 😉

Here is a picture of the one I got:Image

Well, but once you get the box…it kind of makes you want to fill it up. It asks for it…

That’s when the magic hit me… I was able to pick and choose from among a huge palette of colors of eye shadows… and I was able to mix and match whatever I chose… not being forced to buy a specific set of 2-4 colors out of which at least one would simply not go with me. This allowed me to trash many of previously stored shadows and limit my collection of color cosmetics from a grand bag… to a size small. The magnetic beauty boxes by ArtDeco go from duo (for two shadows) up to a Magnum box (up to 12 pieces). I’m now on verge of getting a Magnum box and a 6 shadow + lipstick box.

The bigger boxes are very convenient since the system does not only include shadows, but also blushes and camouflage = you can have a traveling set on you and it will take not much more space in your purse then 2 compact powders. No need to have a whole travel-kit with you taking up 1/2 of your purse…just 1 Magnum box (especially the one with room for a lipstick), mascara and a pressed powder will easily replace it.

This is a big advantage when going on short business trips and have to pack lightly due to airline weight limits. But also in day-to-day work… why carry 500gr of cosmetics with you… when all you need can be fit into 100-150gr?

Well, but that’s it about the mosaic system….

I wanted to leave you all reading this a hint about something that you might, but don’t have to carry with you traveling. It is small (5ml only) Eyeshadow Base by ArtDeco. When I got it two days ago I was thinking.. why on earth do I need this.. then again curiosity killed the cat, right? So I let myself be killed 😉

It is 3rd day I’m using it and I absolutely love it. Now I wonder how could I have done make up without it.

5ml seems like not much especially that the price for it is not low. But I already can see that it will last me for a few months. You put a thin-film of it on you eyelids and it grants you 3 wishes 😉

  1. it moisturizer the skin (very convenient when running around in C02 filled cities)
  2. it brings out the full color of the shadow you put on it- intensifies it- thus making you use less to get the same intensity effect you used to with traditional methods
  3. it fastens and makes the shadows waterproof…. thus keeps it from smudging, wearing off and running (if you get wet in the rain)

I have to say that I’m amazed.

I’m still reluctant to try the mascaras, due to my allergy that has limited me to blue and violet mascaras from SEPHORA. My doctor said it is a matter of a pigment used in almost all mascaras around the world. I will though take a look at it… maybe that nasty part is not there…

So, whether you are traveling lightly, do not want to carry tons of cosmetics in your bag or simply want some order in your drawer,  whether you are traditionalist in your make up or fan of innovation, I strongly urge you to give ArtDeco a trial. I’m pretty sure you will find in their range something that will help you or transform your view on your beauty drawer 😉